Saturday, February 25, 2017

Trash Recycled Art Sculptures (+ NEW BLOG TITLE: ART LANDFILL)

I think it very fitting that  I post photos of artwork made from recycled (trash) materials considering I recently changed this blog to Art Landfill. This blog was titled various things such as Edgar Allan Poet, Land of Art, and ART PARTE', and those titles never resonated with me which is why I often changed the blog title. But here I wanted to provide some ideas of the artworks below in the photos to do functional pieces that can utilize recycled materials around you.

First, here are hanging plastic bottles made into delicate ornaments that accent the sky.

This is sweet, but I wonder if the fascination here is because sculptors want a sex robot.
This sculpture has many intricate pieces and the color of materials is a great match work of different elements.

This wall art design was used with toilet paper rolls, so be sure to save about 200 rolls.

Industrial and cold but full of life in this sculpture.
Hey, I'm partial to fake plants too. This was made out of green plastic bottles.

Made with bicycle parts

Recycled wine corks for a functional recycled chair that is a beautiful piece of art.

A beautiful metal sculpture that accents any yard or garden.

Make your own sculptures out of the recycled trash materials around you. Use materials to create a functional work of art that creates a sense of wonder, creativity, and innovation.

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