Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I know women that...(poem) by Cassie Kinney

I know a woman who can barely write, spell, or read,
And I know many women that are scared to eat.
I know many women that have had kids at sixteen,
And some that are desperately mean.
I know a woman who sells her body to pay her bills,
I know a girl that slept with her step dad for pills.
I know a woman that's husband dug her a grave,
And shoveled the dirt to the kitchen in a rage.
I know a woman who never came out to her husband,
I know a woman that married her second cousin.
I know sisters that were molested by their uncle,
And I know sisters that were raped in a struggle.
I know a married women that has yet to have sex,
And I could go on and on because women's lives are complex.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I eat a fig from the tree (poem) by Cassie Kinney

These fall nights are becoming cold,
But I step out onto the porch,
To feel the temperature of the day,
As the sun shines over the hill.
I slip on my shoes,
And walk among the plants.
I go to my fig tree every morning,
Eyeing a plump, purple fruit.
One or two are usually ready to eat.
I eat a fig, then a strawberry, then a radish
From cool October garden.

I uncover the lettuce garden,
And the potted plants too,
So they can breathe during the day.
I pick a piece or two of the greens,
And some carrots too.
From inside the house,
I take my potted plants out,
Onto the porch to catch some sun.
I read by my garden;
And as the evening draws near,
The sun is going down,
I cover my gardens once again,
And bring my potted plants inside.
I do this again, everyday, until the plants die.