Thursday, September 21, 2017

Two more Fall halloween Paintings by Cassie Kinney

Here are additional paintings I've done this week. There are similar elements in the two paintings, with the witchy house, fall plants, and bats. The first painting has pathway leading to a house lined with birch trees of yellowing leaves. There are pumpkins, cushaws, mums. The second painting has a creek flowing past a house in the forest, washing through big rocks and plants.

Halloween scene with pumpkins, gourds, scarecrow decor

I took my grandma to see mums, pumpkins, and gourds, so we bought some things and I put this scene together for my grandmother.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Two Fall Autumn Witchy Garden shed acrylic paintings (FOR SALE)

I started painting again as you may have noticed. The painting I posted on here the other day of the pumpkins was sold on ebay. I'm a little frustrated because I want to be able to sale art, and in doing so you have to cheapen your worth (value). I learned my lesson though selling on ebay because of the cost of shipping with paintings is pricey! I sold that painting with free shipping and it ended up costing the exact amount that I sold for the painting. I actually went in the hole with the painting when factoring in that I had to drive over 15 miles to get to a post office!

So I hope you understand why I am selling the paintings at the price I am on ebay. Two paintings that I am showing you down below are also for sale on ebay. Go to my account and view all the paintings I am selling here: My ebay store.

The sign on the door of the shed says 'welcome'

Mushrooms & Sunset September 8th 2017

Sunday, September 3, 2017

More hibiscus floral photography + Zinnias, Dusty Millers, Praying Mantis

Hibiscus growing by my garden

tickseed sunflowers growing by my garden

Praying Mantis with a bee 

Zinnia in my grandma's flower garden

Teddy bear sunflower in grandma's flower garden

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Hisbiscus floral photography + fall pumpkin scarecrow scene setting

I usually take pictures of my grandma's Hibiscus flowers, but I got a start off one of her Hibiscus plants that broke off, and within a couple of months it has already flowered.

And you know by now that I love sunsets, and I got to take a picture of beautiful pink and purple skies.

Here is the fall scene I rearranged as well. I continue to add more stuff to the fall scene. Soon it will become a Halloween scene come October.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Friday, August 25, 2017

War business & suppressing revolutions

"The sudden collapse of the Soviet Union left the political leadership of the United States unprepared. Military interventions had been undertaken in Korea and Vietnam with enormous loss of life, also in Cuba and the Dominican Republic, and huge amounts of military aid had been given all over the world--in Europe, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, Asia--on the supposition that this was necessary to deal with a Communist menace emanating from the Soviet Union. Several trillion dollars had been taken from American citizens in the form of taxes to maintain a huge nuclear and nonnuclear arsenal and military bases all over the world--all primarily justified by the "Soviet threat."
According to Polifact, "the U.S. has 662 overseas bases in 38 foreign countries, which is a smaller number than the 900 bases Paul cited." And according to, the United States has ,invaded approximately 70 countries as of June 2014. A few of the invaded countries were Kuwait, Panama, and Cuba.

"The fear of 'independent nationalism' was that this would jeopardize powerful American economic interests. Revolutions in Nicaragua or Cuba or El Salvador or Chile were threats to United Fruit, Anaconda Copper, International Telephone and Telegraph, and others."

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Get rid of rich people

I wish the media showed how poor people lived rather than showing us how rich people live everyday. Here you have people with TVs, computers, and iPhones that constantly run images of wealth. So now we have a society that wants rich things rather than being pissed off for poor people that have no things. Rich people and middle class people have no idea how poor people live because the media doesn't want to show you that capitalism is working for the rich but it is destroying poor people's lives.

Reading a MSN article, shared that Mike Meyers from the Gong Show is making $2 million an episode. Ryan Seacrest, Conan, Anderson Cooper, all make $12 million per year on their shows! That amount of money is despicable for any one person. It's too much for them, and this should piss people off. But no, people love these assholes that make too much money for no amount of hard labor or actual thinking. And lets be clear, these men are owned by other white men that are making more money off of them. And now you have an industrial world made up of mostly working and nonworking poor that are watching rich peoples' lives that they know and love.

The capitalist media doesn't want the masses to see that poor people live in dangerous dwellings, have no access to clean water or good food. Let me tell you about poor people's houses: with big families, there isn't enough room for the kids to have their own room. They have to sleep on the floors with their siblings. There's mold on the ceilings, walls, and floors. There's holes that snakes and other critters get through and live in the house with children. The floors sink in corners because the poorly constructed house is giving away to heavy furniture or other things. This isn't the life of all poor people, but this was mine.

Get rid of these people on TV and off TV, because they don't represent anybody. Get rid of these rich people out of politics, and lets take it all back!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Hands down, the best song is Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

I like a lot of different kinds of music, and I love so many artists and songs from different genres, but for some reason Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen always made me feel like it was a story for the ages, and it was a story that explained the pain of living.

Right now, I believe the only thing that is important is family

Right now, I believe the only thing that is important is family. I went to my great grandmother's funeral today. Her visitation was yesterday, and I didn't feel sad for her--I was sad for my own grandmother because she was watching her mother die, watched her pass, and then watched her to be taken underground for burial. I was not sad for great grandma. I was sad for my grandma--that I held through the visitation and the funeral. I will probably hold her many more times because she is crying out of that sorrow. I was crying for my grandma that deeply felt the loss of her mother. It made me feel what could be the loss of my own mother. How could you live nearly 70 years knowing your mother, and let her go? How deeply does that pain go? In the future I will endure that feeling...who knows when...

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Zinnia, Sunflower, & Tiger lily floral photography from my garden

by Cassie Kinney

Organizations that help Palestinian people

The everyday struggle of Palestinians is not part of the mainstream vernacular. Much of the conflict is not seen or heard in Western mainstream television. This could be because it’s part of the problem considering the West has been funding the war against Palestinians by arming Israel. In fact, Palestine has historically been occupied by outside military forces. Israel has invaded and militarily occupied the West Bank in Gaza for the last 50 years. Throughout this time, political activists have been imprisoned, civilians murdered, and culture has been removed. As the ongoing struggle of Palestinians continues to unfold, some humanitarian efforts have been made to fight for a better world. This article dives into the organizations that have been helping Palestinians for decades, and how everyone globally can offer support to combat violence against Palestinian people. 

Moreover, one organization is the Islamic Relief organization that has been working for the past two decades, since 1994. The Islamic Relief organization provides humanitarian relief, and being a voice for those affected by violence of the military and apartheid. Islamic Relief has women and children’s programs, as well as orphan programs, food aid, emergency response, information on religious holidays and campaign for donations for winter clothes and mattresses for refugees. It is a reminder that people are sleeping in makeshift shelters, with no amenities, dealing with psychological trauma. Islamic Relief works in nearly 30 countries with an extensive network to combat the devastation of those faced with this struggle. For instance, the organization has internships, career opportunities, podcasts, blogs, and publications to unite in the fight for justice.  

Secondly, Al-Haq (translated to “The Law”) works similarly within their organization. Al-Haq was established in 1979 by Palestinian lawyers that worked in the West Bank city of Ramallah. It focuses its efforts on documenting and researching human rights violations to advocate for laws and policies that help Palestinian people. In 2009, Al-Haq opened a center for Applied International Law as the first of its kind. The goal for the center is to compile research, educate and train activists and students to use their knowledge for practical application. The center has workshops, seminars, training courses, and conferences to meet their goals. Additionally, since 2011, Al-Haq has provided an archive on their website of individual’s stories of their rights being violated. 

Likewise, Adalah (translated to “Justice”)—The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, is an organization of lawyers and activists advocating for laws and policies on behalf of Palestinian citizens. The center was established in 1996 by Hassan Jabareen and Rina Rosenberg working in Haifa, north of Israel. For 20 years, Adalah has campaigned for justice and reparations to Palestinian civilians who have been impacted by apartheid and the military. Particularly, the center defends clients, taking on human rights court cases. Adalah, much like Al-Haq, addresses discriminatory laws and educates students and activists to combat the violation of human rights. 

These organizations seek to educate, and through growing social media, these organizations provide the voices of those affected. Because of the dedication of these organizations, people’s stories are read, heard, or seen globally, thus people are beginning to recognize this as a global issue. More than ever does citizens recognize that Israel is continuing to expand settlements and the US still holds an interest in the Middle East for oil. Collectively, people will be in solidarity with the Palestinian people, demand compliance with all nations, and put an end to all war and global domination. Likewise, people will put pressure on governments to protect Palestinians, and ensure for their freedom and equality.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

From June 19th to July 4th Independence Day

June 19th is an emotional day for many, because it is a reminder how much African Americans have sacrificed to get where they are today, and the injustices they are still facing today. June 19th known as "Juneteenth" symbolized the day that slavery was abolished. In Congress, it was passed by the Senate on April 8, 1864, and on January 31, 1865 by the House. That was only 152 years ago, so it begs the question if slavery ever ended when lynchings still occurred and white-black segregation existed until the 1960s. Additionally, enslavement is still in question considering there are more black men in prison now than there were enslaved in 1850. And if you don't think slavery and prison are connected--consider that the 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution abolished slavery and involuntary servitude, except as punishment for a crime!

Furthermore, the prison population is disproportionately made up of innocent people who are imprisoned on suspicion alone. Many people are wrongfully convicted of crimes but wait years for their trial. Half of people are in prison for drug possession, but selling drugs shouldn't be a crime. Government-approved drugs get to be sold when they profit but street drugs are criminalized because the government doesn't get a cut--same with weapons. Many people are in prison for possession of a weapon (and some people die at the hands of cops even with a license to carry aka Philando Castile.) Having a gun or other weapon in your possession will either get you killed or get you locked up if you're black or brown, but if you're a white cop or white soldier, then you can kill, beat, rape, torture, and get away with it everyday.

June 19th is a signal of how July 4th Independence Day is only for the independence of white America. July 4th Independence Day refers to a select few Americans declaring their own nation from the British. The majority of Americans were obviously omitted from the The Declaration of Independence as having any rights like Indigenous Americans, African Americans, and women. Interestingly, four days after the Declaration of Independence was read on a balcony in Boston, the "Boston Committee of Correspondence ordered the townsmen to show up on the Common for a military draft. The rich, it turned out, could avoid the draft by paying for substitutes; the poor had to serve" (Zinn, p. 75.) The New Deal programs came after factory workers were on strike everyday for years and hundreds of strikes occurred during the Great Depression, and although the New Deal programs didn't apply to African Americans or women (despite African Americans and women working no matter who says they didn't work), people became pacified by the New Deal program and the military work. For instance, the New Deal reduced unemployment from 13 to 9 million; and World War II created millions of new jobs for better wages and benefits. It was a tactic, of course, which was to illicit patriotism and make it harder for people to mobilize against corporations as they had been doing.

The Declaration of Independence is like the Bible in the way that people pick and choose what they like and forget about the bad stuff that's in it. God and guns has always ran this country even though we have been told that church and state is separate. This has never been true, and the only thing that has been separate is the fact that churches don't pay taxes. Schools and education, the military, rehab, the pledge of Allegiance, money-- all have elements of religion. And guns is fetishized and romanticized in ways that people want to connect weapons to heroism, patriotism, and masculinity. But going back to the history of the U.S. Constitution and guns: Philando Castile was not protected under the 2nd Amendment although he had a license for a gun and told the officer he was in possession of a gun. From this perspective and many other stories of Black gun-owners, the 2nd Amendment only applies to protect the White gun owner, the white police officer, the white soldier.

There is a quote from the Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975 by a Harlem bookseller Lewis H. Michaux: "The white man that landed here, he came with two great weapons. One is the Bible and the other was the gun. If it didn't humble you with the Bible, it'd crumble you with the gun." That isn't to say that believing in a god or a bible or any religion and religious text is wrong, nor is it a statement about guns or a weapon being wrong. But historically, religion and weapons have been used by Presidents who have always justified war by creating a language of 'us vs. them'-- discriminating, killing, or assimilating groups of people that didn't look, act, or think like them. Even Christopher Columbus justified the genocide of Indigenous people because of his religion and weapons, but Americans still celebrate this man because they don't know history.

That is our history that we still live with and that history has been carried on. Knowing the history of America helps to put the present state of our politics and culture into perspective. Knowing our history can help us change to create a world of peace and justice moving forward.