Thursday, April 19, 2018

My Spring flower garden (lots of floral photography)

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Flower/plant, sunset & cat photography

cactus flowers

February 8th sunset 

crocus flowers

I have four beautiful cats that like to be around plants, and so I take photos in their element.

cat & pineapple
cats & palm tree

Food on his whiskies 

Monday, February 5, 2018

Media's complacency to social issues

The media in one breath will highlight a social issue and immediately become complacent, or worse, barbaric in solving issues. Whether it's sexism, racism, or classism, the mainstream media i.e. news, TV, lit, always fails to provide a platform for social revolution/resolution.

I'm watching the super bowl game because the TV is on...for one, it's nationalistic and capitalistic, but my point: remember just months ago the media was talking about how 95% of NFL players in a recent study had CTE, a brain disease that permanently affects functioning and behavior? Now these like minded people--that do in fact care about the health of the athletes--will capitalize on the super bowl by appearing in ads or promoting the super bowl as means of commercializing their platform. The media only uses their platform to report, not solve issues.

After the game, a white riot broke out, jumping on police cars, eating horse dookie, and burning stuff in the street--of course, the police said they were powerless to the riot...of course.

And of course the Superbowl has made sure they don't have another pro-black message again after they got a taste of it from Beyonce years back. There was a Black Culture ad, but there wasn't kneeling, nor any protest tonight from what I could tell--even though months ago Colin Kaepernick was fired for starting a movement in his own right highlighting the contradiction of patriotism for america when it's a system of injustice for Black Americans.

It's not just these contradictions's stupid Justin Timerblake too. He's the halftime performance for the super bowl. Him and a lot of these actresses are all #metoo and #timesup, but then work with Woody fucking Allen a month later. They're actually complacent in dealing with sexism.

Once again, the mainstream media only uses their platform to report, not solve issues. Let me remind you youngens that Woody is a beloved director that married his daughter. Kate Winslet and Justin Timberlake are among some of Woody's apologists. Miley Cyrus, Kate Blanchett, Kristen Stewart, Emma Stone, and many male actors *duh* have been featured in his recent work--further highlighting the media's complacency in dealing with sexual harrassment, rape culture, and patriarchy.

Harrassment is so pervasive that the media reacts with complacency, complicitness, whatever. The media STILL has quite a LOT of pro-police TV like Brooklyn-99, a comedic spin on the copious TV cop dramas made up of hip and young comedian types to make police propaganda palatable for the demographic audience. Complacency.

 Once again the media does not highlight issues of black Americans during Black History Month because it isn't palatable to their demogrphic audience--because their audience is white and middle aged to elderly. This is why during Black History Month, the media will quote Martin Luther King Jr only, because they spin I Have A Dream into white American conquest or whites' terror of Black Power. An MLK quote was used in a dodge ram ad during the Superbowl, just so you know.

Facts about Black poverty isn't palatable because it's a reminder of whites' part in the enslavement of Africans and Black Americans. In present Black History, Black men are disproportionately incarcerated, and the reaction to that was an up surge of white police propaganda in the mainstream white media. Incarceration isn't palatable because of whites' part in the prison system, so the media doesn't talk about that, nor highlighting the black pro athletes affected by CTE. The media does not talk about how black women and black LGBTQIA+ are disproportionately affected by sexual harrassment, health issues, income disparity, and homelessness.

Don't expect FoxNews website to have any articles about figures in Black History during this month. I checked, they haven't had a Black History Month article since February 2016. It's February 2018. And get this: their Facebook page of course has zero posts this month so far highlighting Black History Month, EXCEPT for one screenshot of Ivanka Trump tweeting that people need to celebrate Black achievement. Stories of Black achievment is palatable.

I have mentioned too many complacent white celebrities--sorry, there's a lot of them--and a lot of them would rather think about brunch than human rights. I could go on and on because after the Superbowl, I watched Dave Chappelle's show on Comedy Central--and that too, is a reminder that shows with a pre-dominantly Black cast are getting replaced by white shows and white TV news anchors. Like I said, I could go on and on...

Certain people are not affected by food insecurity, homelessness, and all forms of poverty--those people are politically complacent i.e. white silence is violence. There's levels to white wealth, but wealth is pre-dominantly in the hands of white men while the most extreme forms of poverty are systematic to Black Americans.

The centuries of slavery, Jim Crow/KKK/lynching/white terror, the killing of civil rights leaders, prison industrial complex, waste dumping/land and water poisoning, and education segregation are all ways powerful and complacent whites normalized oppression. The white government killed MLK Jr, including Malcolm X, Fred Hampton, and many others with Cointelpro. The white government pushed Assata Shakur and Kathleen Cleaver out of the country, imprisoned many political activists like Angela Davis and created fear for all Black civil rights activists.

The media is not going to have this coversation because it's a reminder that whites did not work hard for what they got, because their ancestors committed genocide of many bodies, stole bodies, imprisoned bodies, raped bodies, and took all the possible wealth. This is why mainstream media is complacent: it would be an admission of the way wealth is inherited rather than talk about generational poverty.

 Howard Zinn said: "you can't be neutral on a moving train," and this describes some media: it's not necessarily that white news is neutral on social issues, it's that they're complacent even after awareness of the issues. Whites aren't neutral about police brutality, because historically they have sided with cops. This is why white mainstream media doesn't demonize police brutality because their audience glamorizes police violence by the likes of cop shows.

The police will tear gas, beat, imprison, or kill human rights protesters, all-the-while the police won't do the same to KKK groups. Then the media demonizes Black Lives Matter, Occupy, Antifa, Standing Rock groups that are protesting for human rights. Police killed 1,129 people last year, which ranks thwm to terrorist status.

Somewhat, sexual harrassment was a national conversation but only because it was an awareness of harrassment towards white female celebrities. Still, there wasn't enough demonization in the media of this harrassment, male gaze, or any forms of sexism. The media does not genuinely demonize any violence, because violence is also glamorized in the media.

Poverty is not classified as violence but it most certainly is violent, but often poverty is glamorized. Even though there were several moments of a War on Poverty, the world has been waiting long for War On Wealth. War on Terror is 50% of the US federal budget goes to the military, include states' budget mostly going to police departments. War on poverty is palatable.

The liberal message that immigrants built this country is palatable, but in fact it was the stolen Black lives in the form of slavery--that built the infrastructure in this country. Slavery isn't palatable and Whites can't relate to slavery. Lincoln freeing the slaves is palatable because it takes away blame of Whites who upheld slavery.

Instead, it was the efforts of Black Americans then and now that have put in all the work for Black justice. Blacks have been highlighting these issues forever...They will not stand for Whites hijacking their narrative.

Blacks are the greatest leaders and activists, so their work and honor will not be confined to one month. #TimesUpforWhiteWashingHistory. We'll remember those Black inventors, writers, teachers, scientists, and artists with honor everyday. We'll appreciate and acknowledge the historical work of Black Americans, and then we'll look to the future all as one, together.

Black people have and are doing great things in this world and its history. There are Black American farmers like Ron Finley sharing a style of gardening to encourage youth to grow food everywhere. This message is about providing everyone access to healthy, low cost food and closing the food gaps in urban black neighborhoods. Tarana Burke, the creator of #MeToo, has been the driving force behind the movement preventing and ending sexual harrassment in the workplace, at home, school, and on the streets. BLACK LIVES MATTER, formed when the news showed videos to the world how Black lives were treated by police. The movement was sparked by Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, Opal Tometi with influences by DeRay Mckesson, Shaun King, and Johnetta Elzie.

We stand with the activists working today. We stand in remberance of the young lives lost long ago too from Emmett Till to Tamir Rice in recent years. Trayvon Martin would have been 23 today. From Marsha P. Johnson to Sandra Bland, and to all those lives gone in an instant: Rest In Power. Eric Garner who lost his life at the literal hands of police, you'll be remembered forever, and his daughter Erica who fought for her father's justice till her final moments...REST IN PEACE.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

My Grandma/pa's snowy winter front yard painting by CK

It's hard to see in the painting, but in the tree on the right, there is a woodpecker eating from the bird feeder; and there is a cardinal on the post on the left.

And, I do not endorse the amerikkkn (racist) flag--my grandparents just so happen to have the flag on their shed so I painted it because I'm giving this painting to them anyway...