Thursday, August 28, 2014

Monarda didyma (Bee Balm)

 Monarda didyma
Also known as Bee Balm. The particular variety below is known as "Squaw" Bee Balm.

Hyacinthus orientalis (floral photography)

hyacinthus orientalis

Muscari Armeniacum

The flowers you see in the picture below (behind the turtle) are confused with the Hyacinth, but they are actually known as Muscari.

"Spiraling string fibers" by Cassie Kinney (poem)

Spiraling string fibers woven into dead space fabric--
Atoms form pathways of the textile landscape.

The branching of tree roots and its leaves--
The uncurling of the fern and home of honeybees.

All which express a mathematical symbol--
Where nature shrivels and unfolds from the middle.

The pineapple, the artichoke, the shell of the snail--
Are merely just patterns of an infinite tail.

Geometry of recurrence relation--
Describes the fractal dimension.

An embryo, our mind, our thoughts are connections--
Within a world amid chaos and complexions.

by Cassie Kinney

Zinnia (floral photography)

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Ceramic bowls Pottery & sculptures

My Grandmother has one of my Ceramic sculptures, a Tribal Vase-shaped sculpture colored yellow with pieces of the terracotta exposed and flecks of blue and red.
My Aunt, best friend, Grandfather each have a ceramic bowl I made. For the bowls, I used Earthenware clay on the pottery wheel. And for the other sculptures, I used Terracotta clay.

All of the bowls you see here were my "undesirable" batch. I wish I had taken pictures of the ones I have given out as gifts--they were much more symmetrical and their color schemes were more appealing.

Texture and colors of trees

Friday, August 8, 2014

Log Cabin Swamp bayou House (Painting)

Last year I finished the Painting "Cabin in the woods" which was given to my Dad as a holiday gift. I used acrylic paint on 16 x 20 canvas.
The angles of the cabin are weird but I didn't have a reference, I was kind of eye-balling-it.

You can see in the last two photos that the painting came in phases, as I worked on it a little bit at a time for months. I changed many details of the painting as I went, but stuck true to the focal points. The first picture is the finished product. The picture quality is horrible as I used the flash. But I will take another photo later for better quality.

phase #1

Phase #2

Oil Pastel Still-life drawing "Banana Books"

A still-life drawing "Banana Books" by me, using oil pastels on recycled cardboard. Completed August 9, 2014. Size, 16x20 inches. Original photo for reference also featured below.