Monday, July 27, 2015

"What is Fruit, really?" by Cassie Kinney (Poem)

Fruit was hormone rich,
When the jungle was our niche.
Fruit became part of our design,
And we were naturally inclined,
To eat Fruit which changed our biochemistry,
And so we evolved symbiotically. 

What is fruit, really?

The reproductive body of a seed plant;
A Developmental environment;
The plant's sex organ;
Or a swollen ovary of carbon.

by Cassie Kinney

Someting to smile at By Cassie Kinney (poem)

Something to smile at,
Maybe a sewer rat,
Perhaps a Siamese cat.
At least it smiles back.

By Cassie Kinney

Sunday, July 26, 2015

"Humans, the parasites" by Cassie Kinney (poem)

Animals are not equal from birth, For some "own" Earth, And some have no worth.

Humans are parasites to existence, Killing life despite resistance, Constantly pressuring for interference. 
I, too, have my regrets, When I realized that Cats and dogs are pets; While Cows and chickens are mere silhouettes.

 As I remain silent, People continue to dissociate their food from violence.

By Cassie Kinney

I have a man by Cassie Kinney (poem)

I have a man, who loves the land.
He builds houses out of mud and sand.
He lends friends and family a helping hand.
For the disadvantaged, he takes a stand. 
His activism led to being banned.
Kicked out of the country, life became unplanned.
Following his arrest, I made a gesture grand. 
I wrote some lyrics and formed a band,
To tell the world to help me save my man. 

by Cassie Kinney


Saturday, July 25, 2015

Live without constraint by Cassie Kinney (poem)

Live in the forest's wild;
Breathing and dream like child.
Bask in the sunlight;
Eat the fruit's delight.
Drink the water from rain;
And embellish nature's domain.
by Cassie Kinney