Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Truth Behind Transgender Bathrooms by Kat Blaque

Kat Blaque makes very good points on the Transgender bathroom debate, and I have highlighted her points below which I have paraphrased from a long video which I will leave a link to her video down below for everyone to watch in full:

1. I don't see genitals in bathrooms because I'm not looking, and I'm only there to relieve myself, and that's how everyone should act in a bathroom.

2. Trans people will always exist, and the real debate around bathrooms is that people don't want trans people to exist.

3. The trans bathroom debate also suggests that trans people will harm women and girls in bathrooms, but the reality is that cis-gender men that are our fathers, husbands, boyfriends, are more likely to abuse women and girls, but we don't have a debate about separating these people in our lives away from women and girls. And actually trans people (trans women especially) are more likely to be assaulted in bathrooms.
The reality is that these people who are debating against bathroom rights are the same people that have never cared about women and children and sexual assault except in this debate to pretend their argument is a moral issue. 
And also if a man wanted to sexually assault someone, why would they feel the need to cross dress and pretend to be a woman to get in a women's restroom to do so? And second of all if this was the case, this is not a trans person, this is a cis-gender male committing this crime.
Additionally, if there were transgender bathroom rights, why would that keep people from being punished if they committed that act?

4. No one will make alternative bathrooms around the world--it's not real. People will always use the bathroom that is closest to them, the bathroom that they feel comfortable using, etc. There will be social change that may work towards gender neutral bathrooms.

5. Why are you getting your information about trans people from cis-gender people?

6. It also seems that our society wants trans people to "pass" as the gender they identify, and that's oppressive.

7. Trans people have developed and evolved in so many ways beyond the understanding for a cis person that it's almost not worth explaining trans issues and trans rights. "I have this conversation for so long...your understanding my transness doesn't change my transness."

8. Everybody shits, and everybody pisses, so bathrooms are a necessity for everybody--and the people that hate trans people are those that don't want to share any space. And those people tend to be the Conservative republicans.
And even those people that I dislike (the same people that do things that are destructive) also deserve the right to a bathroom despite my dislike for them.

9. This is an economic, social, and cultural attack on trans people that sends the message that they don't deserve space.

Watch in full here: The Truth Behind Transgender Bathrooms

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