Tuesday, November 15, 2016

When I knew I was poor, I knew I was in love -CK

When middle class boys liked me,
I just knew of our differences immediately.
I couldn't show them my shame.
I was the kind of gal that hunted, fished, and foraged the hills with my dad.
I was that kind of gal that always tried not be serious, always laughing.
Once when I was 10, a boy gave me chocolates and a bear 
As a symbol of his affection
But I was someone different than him.
He was middle-class, his mom was our teacher and his dad a cop.
I didn't align with him, nor the other middle-class boys that liked me.
I was a poor kid growing up
But I was rich in ways of caring and understanding.
That's when I knew I was poor. 
But the boy next door looked me in the eyes
And knew who I was though.
He was a poor kid too--
A conscientious freak like me.
He may have been different in some way but not really.
That's when I knew I had fallen in love.
And after almost 12 years,
We still reside in the house
Where we first made love.


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