Monday, July 11, 2016

Criminal justice system by Cassie Kinney

The criminal justice system
Is carried out by white supremacists.
They maintain class inequality,
Likewise justify racist policing.
It punishes a person's character and failings,
Rather than the system's structural limitations.
But it's hard to make a system good
Without that money to operate it.
Gotta have a budget for that,
And then cut that budget in half.
Balance the budget on the backs of the poor,
While holding them accountable
In the name of meritocracy ideology.
It has become a multilayered bureaucracy
To pay for a scheme of things.
Increasing the sentences,
Increasing the fines and fees,
To pay for the system that perpetuates
A matrix of domination.
When money goes to war and policing,
Resources are taken away from teaching.

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