Saturday, July 2, 2016

America, the Distorted!

Holidays of months
categorize our plans.
We put expectations
On the people in our lives.
Children associate candy inside eggs
With the Resurrection of Christ.
The beginning of Summer:
We celebrate our Mothers,
Then Fathers, as if it's not enough.
We'll buy a card signed by us!
July 4th makes rednecks cum:
Shooting off pyrotechnic devices,
Drinking beer by grilled meats,
In the name of false Freedoms
Overhead of bloodshed landscapes.
America the Distorted!
O America, the perverted,
The misogynistic and nescient!

The land darkens, dies, and hibernates.
We dress as our alter ego,
Visiting stranger's houses for more Candy.
Only to eat half and throw away the rest.
We pretend the next holiday
Is about giving thanks,
As we sit across a slaughtered bird,
And pretend pilgrims and Indians were friends.
Perils of carols,
Wretched wreaths,
Satin sheets of snow
Around a Nativity scene,
With Santa on the rooftop.
As if kids need any more gifts and candy,
We make sure there is always a holiday,
A reason to sell to get you to buy.

A ploy to get you to spend,
And buy more for the landfill.
What do you buy people
That already have everything?
What more could we really ask for?

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