Sunday, June 5, 2016

Things little girls learn (short story/poem) by Cassie Kinney

Oh, there's lots of things little girls do in private...
At 3 we start running around the house naked,
Strutting nudist in high heels and a purse.
At 4 we rub our genitals on couch corners,
Like little humping dogs on stuffed animals.
Growing up you're discovering your body.You finger your butt--scratch and sniff,
While you're still playing with barbies,
You make them kiss and hump.
When your mom, dad, or grandma kiss you,
And you watch how they kiss one another,
You start experimenting on others.
Or when you're sleeping over at friend's houses,
You're laying side by side their parents in the next room,
And you kiss one another to test the boundaries.
If you were like me,
Friends would take baths together, comparing bodies,
Commenting on our breast sizes and pubic hair.
At 10, girls have slumber parties,
And every girl showed their little boobies to everyone in the circle.
Do boys have similar experiences growing up as this?
Us girls were constantly learning new info on our bodies,
And talking about our development like we're conducting research.
You learn about sex through twisted understandings from older girls
And older friend taught you about periods and sex,
Because your mother would not or did not give you 'the talk.'
You learn about sex from late night Cinemax
When your dad would pass out with the channel on all night.
You sit and watch the TV brightly lit in the dark,
Peeking at the display of sex from the corner of the room.
At age 9, you're exposed to sex scenes that reflect fantasies in adulthood.
Before that, you're exposed to princess movies made by men,
Where the main characters seek a prince to find redemption.
If you were like me, you grew up watching tv with hip hop music:
Outkast, Chingy, Nelly, Yin Yang twins,
And you would shake your body like the women in the video.
At age 11, You learn lyrics and rap Ludacris's "What's your fantasy?"
The sexual adventures continue throughout high school,
Swapping first sexual experiences with your friends,
Remembering the exact day and hour we first had intercourse.
The way we learn about sex has changed in the last 50 years,
And the way we engage and create sexual encounters is changing rapidly.
Girls and boys exchange nude photos through phone messages,
A decision made impulsively and a picture that could last forever
To be seen and shared among friends that you didn't intend to see.  
How sex continues to be learned and achieved can be predicted
By analyzing the patterns now: the porn industry is a bigger entity;
Makeup use, cosmetic surgery, and advertising at an all time high
Plays on girls' insecurities which further serves to tell girls to be sexy.
This world reinforces the notion that boys to men get to have sex
While girls to women work towards impossible standards of sex and sexuality.
 Likewise, girls accept early on that sex is not for their pleasure, only for entertainment.

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