Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The female body by Cassie Kinney

Poked, prodded,
And still mutilated.
Then American girls do it voluntarily.
Little ones turn into sex objects
Then grow old to be of no objective.
Women's breasts and ass exploited,
While bureaucracy censors her body when she bleeds,
Or when her nipple is out to breastfeed.
So don't give me none of that bullshit about 
"Women need to stop modeling Disney princesses",
When it was men who constructed these fantasies,
And instead we modeled after Superwoman.
Television televising little girls to be something unattainable,
Has nothing to do with how little girls actually live.
Little girls turn into single moms living with their mom;
They turn into working class women in factories;
Underpaid nurses getting overworked;
Little girls turn into strippers that love their job;
Or giving blow jobs at eighteen & fucking to pay bills.
I know there's inspirational women,
And I know there's rich women,
I just don't know them personally because...
The stories of the women I know personally,
Are a story that is painful, exhausting.
Little girls turn into old women--
Who live for their grandchildren.
Their story is recycled through the little girls they raise.

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