Monday, June 27, 2016

Summer garden meditation by Cassie Kinney

At my garden sitting in the private fortress--
With edible plants growing around me,
I am taken away from my importance--
As a ray of light shines through the foliage of a hickory tree.

A mimosa tree leans over top,
And I try to block the thoughts of my "responsibilities"--
In nature's own beauty shop,
Thinking about life's endless possibilities.

When at exactly noon the sun blares down on my shoulders,
My shirt comes off and skirt too--
I feel like one of a million loners--
Part of the nature that don't care about revenue.

Here in silence, basking bare under the sun--
Waiting for a sign, miracle, or answer,
Wondering what it'd be like on the run--
Run from my problems, my confusion, my anger.

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