Friday, June 17, 2016

religion by Cassie Kinney

Replace man with people
From my generation,
Our grandmothers went to church,
And sometimes you went with grandma.
Our grandfathers stayed at home,
They wanted no one to bother them.
Our dads found religion later in life,
While mothers remain skeptical.
But once we turned 16,
We stand passively against religion
Because it is a symbol of patriarchy & hate;
And rebel against close-mindedness & anti-science.
In our minds the bible is illogical,
As well as contradictive.
And my generation won't have it!
We stand apart from religion
Creating our own ideologies.
If god already planned our fate,
Then why do I need to pray?
And if thou shalt not covet,
Then why was god so jealous?
If god made us all a certain way,
Then why try to be different?
It seems that some were fated for better lives,
And some were fated to suffer for the rest.

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