Tuesday, June 21, 2016

men by Cassie Kinney

I have heard enough of the recycled elitist man's opinion.
I have been told to listen to music created by men,
Read books written by men and their philosophies.
I have been told to watch male-centric homo-erotic movies;
Vote for white men, adore art by white men;
Laugh at the white man's racist, sexist jokes.
Streets, statues, celebrations, and days named after them.
Money, language, politics in their hands...
Sculpting men's faces into a fucking mountain!

Take down the statues of dictators,
Rename the bridges and streets;
And paint the colors of the people across our faces--
Across the world to unite us in our races.
Teach the young ones the real history...
Without glamorizing presidents, America, and the flag.
Stop celebrating the 4th of July, Columbus, Thanksgiving, Christmas;
And burn the Constitution to reclaim our Freedom from our oppressor!

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