Friday, June 17, 2016

Look at the flip side by Cassie Kinney

The old woman says "there is generational poverty...the family don't work",
I say there is generational inheritance of wealth exploiting people.
Then she says, "people voted for Obama because he was black",
It was also because he was black that people didn't.
"'Men who feel like women' are a threat to restrooms" she goes on to say,
But doesn't give a shit that transgenders are actually threatened.
The conversation moves to abortion:
And take that damn pro-life poster out of your yard,
When you kill and have complete disregard for other animals.
Another conversation moves to technology:
"The technology that exists today isn't that good for us" She says.
What do you really mean?
"I'm glad civilians have the technology to record cops behaving badly"
"Well, there's two sides to the story" her son interjects,
He goes on to say: the news doesn't tell the whole story--
"I agree...FOX news doesn't present the whole story either!" I laugh.
Somehow BLACK LIVES MATTER gets brought up:
"Black people feel like their life don't matter!"
She: "Why?" And I stare confused,
"Because of genocide, slavery, segregation..."
"But that was in the past..." She finishes.
"Segregation among rich, whites and poor people of color still exists"
Then the son says, "I wouldn't want to live next to a rich person"...
"But the point is: no one should live in substandard housing,
Substandard education, substandard healthcare;
Be subjected to the police preying on their neighborhoods, etc, etc, etc".
But everyone seems contradictive in their way of thinking,
And Laws are just as contradictive as people.

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