Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Jobs by Cassie Kinney

Our parents, grandparents and their friends
Come from a long line of Protestant work ethic--
That spirit of hard work & discipline,
Which will reward you with salvation.
They don't care what you do or how you do it--
"You have calling, a duty" they say,
And they don't care if that calling is the most destructive,
Pernicious politician that pollutes the water, air, & food.
They would rather you be a corrupt business person,
Than a socially, ecologically conscious non-consumer
That lives homeless, drifting from place & thoughts.
Get a summer job,
Get an after school job,
Get a job while in college,
Get a side job,
Do a side project.
From mowing lawns
To Store cashier to waitress.
All the jobs are taken,
All the jobs have been invented,
And nothing new can be.
They say there needs to be more jobs,
But here exists the most frivolous jobs--
Pining to a small rich niche in California:
The Life Coach,  yoga instructor,
A Barista, personal chef, musician.
In America, you can be one of the many managers,
Accountants, secretaries, financial consultants,
At a business--or any assemblage of those words. 
But mostly jobs around the world is indentured servitude--
From the factory, mill worker, to the picker.
Still, people all over the world get by on little...
IN America they sell meth, cans, and metal.
While the college kid sells weed, shrooms, X, and LSD.

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