Wednesday, June 29, 2016

My uncomfortability by Cassie Kinney

I am too comfortable in my situation
But I am uncomfortable being who I am.
I am conflicted in my convictions--
When you work to make money,
the higher ups take a portion,
The gov takes a portion to fund the military
And certainly does not fund education.
The prison system takes a portion,
And you barely make enough to get by--
So you might as well have nothing or have it all.
That money represents genocide and slavery,
And continues to be recycled through war,
And other cruel deeds that exploits the poor.
You have little options when you live in Appalachia.
You can only get by if you're a doctor--
And you drown working too hard--
Whether it's in fast food, a factory, a nurse.
Whether I'm stupid or a genius for getting by without working--
I don't get paid to cook and clean for the  husband and family.
I never get paid to write, or paint and take a picture,
And I certainly don't get paid to read for leisure.
I say that I don't work for the system
Because of its destruction & exploitation on the environment.
But that doesn't make me any less penniless and homeless.
Another side I must admit:
I'm jobless because I have no drive,
I have no drive because I'm afraid of failure,
Failure would make me feel ashamed,
And I am ashamed to be uncomfortable
or comfortable with who I am.

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