Friday, June 3, 2016

A reflection on the past by Cassie Kinney

A reflection on the past...
I went to church as a kid,
And quickly became an atheist.
I hunted with my dad,
And very soon became vegan.
I realize now,
I was influenced by family.
I am a hermit like my grandpa,
I'm liberal like my mother,
And don't drive like my grandma.
I haven't had a real job in years,
And I still don't want to.
I've made money writing and painting,
But mostly donated my time.
I didn't finish college the first time--
So lets see how the second time goes.
A degree in Sociology is a big fuck you,
But I don't want to be part of the system.
I am told to get a degree, career, marriage and kids,
And I absolutely oppose that life.
I reject the norm,
While still I am trapped.
I am trapped in my own validation
To refuse to participate.

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