Sunday, June 12, 2016

A night that you couldn't forget by Cassie Kinney

We sat across from our friends at a diner, we watched them eat  as we argued with one another. He said something rude about me, then I would say something equally offensive. Our friends just stared at us hoping that the night was over, but it had just begun. He had just got back from living in Virginia for several months, and moved back in with me. The pretext to him coming back home was because I procured an online relationship with a boy who preyed on me. One night after an art show, I kiss this boy in the back of his friends car (the friend we are with at the diner). Somehow, through visceral abilities, he knew that I was up to something that night, to which he found out about everything, thus ending the relationship with the boy. And those feelings led to anger which had been building up from that night till this moment. "Well, I fucked Travis, and made out with Ron!" I said in a puerile manner, to which he replied back, "Well, I cheated on you with a girl that I had up against the wall and fucked her until she came all over my dick."  "Nice," I said. "Can we just go and watch this fucking movie?"  
We left the diner to watch a movie. I was struggling to concentrate throughout the movie, and kept replaying the words we exchanged. Afterwards, the four of us got into my friend's boyfriend's car to go home. First we stopped at a gas station as the night grew on, and the dew on the car showed the evidence of that night with that boy. As he and I sit in the back seat, my friends looks back at me and smirks a little, and I look at the back that says the words "I love Ron" marked in the foggy window. He goes to see what I'm staring at in disbelief, and asks, "Did you write that?" My friend's boyfriend's car was the place that I kissed that boy, and we wrote all over the windows in that moment, that seemed to have only lasted a minute or two. And there the words of my shame were written plainly for my partner, my friend and everyone else to witness. My friend's boyfriend quickly says "Oh, I wrote that" as if that was going to come off as the truth. My partner gets out of the car and goes inside the store with my friend's boyfriend while I wipe away the humiliation. They were words I didn't mean, and at the time I'm not sure what convinced me to write them because this boy lied to me and conned me into liking him and apparently had other "women-on-the-side", because he was supposed to have been on a date with my other best friend's sister. 
Later that night, and I'm not sure how she found out, but she cursed at me for ruining a date between her sister and that boy.  Those days are so long gone, but I still think of the pain in that dimension of my life. I still hold onto the thoughts that puncture. Later that night, after our friends dropped us off at our house, I couldn't hold back the tears any more. I ran to the corner of the living room and hid my face, and just like a man, he yelled at me until he found a way to have sex with me that night. Needless to say, my friends never double-dated with me ever again.      

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