Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Working on homemade gifts

My goal is to do four paintings to give to family as gifts for the holidays. The family portrait will go to my aunt, uncle, and cousin. And one painting will go to my grandma and grandpa, and one to my other grandma, and one to my dad and his wife. My mom, boyfriend, and siblings will not get paintings as gifts, because I never get them anything for the holidays anyway--and really, it's because these are the people that actually don't want to celebrate a capitalistic holiday affiliated with a fear-based-homophobic-misogynistic religion.
But like I said, I confess to making crafts for the holidays, such as potpourri, ceramic bowels, rock paintings, and canvas paintings. The potpourri was actually from found materials outside, like pine cones, sumac berries, pine needles, cedar wood shaving; and I found the glass jars in the woods too.
If you're interested, you can see the crafts I made last  year for the holidays in this post: 7 free last-minute holiday gifts.
Below are the paintings I have finished and will be giving away as gifts.

And here I have finished a painting of a flower garden and outhouse. This painting is of one of my grandmother's backyard, and so I am giving it to her for the holidays.


I bought these items for myself, but the yoga magazines, Dr. Bronner's hand sanitizing spray and lavender soap would also make great "stocking stuffers".