Sunday, August 30, 2015

Burn the bra...Never comply! (poem) by Cassie Kinney

Burn the bra;
Sunbathe nude;
Don't trust the law;
Grow your own food.

They want us to shave,
Shower and dress appropriately;
This is how they enslave,
I will not accept my fate knowingly.

Plant fruit trees,
Build a food forest,
Encourage the bees,
Make it a fortress.

Cut up the credit card;
Refuse to be servant labor;
Transform a lot or yard
Into food and share with neighbors.

Dig your home--
Make it out of mud;
Or build a bio-dome
For the next flood.

Walk instead of drive;
Build instead of buy;
I will strive--
Never to comply.

Roses (floral photography) by Cassie Kinney

Sunflowers #2 (floral photography) by Cassie Kinney

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Understanding creates empathy (poem) by Cassie Kinney

The most admirable thing you can do is be understanding,
Or rather to understand all facets of life.
Understand society, the people, the mind, the self.
Understand what it is to be alive.
Understand the Earth, the planets, the Universe.
Once we realize we all have the same needs;
And once we recognize our insignificance compared to the world at large,
We can free ourselves from our primal ego that works for violence.
When we understand one another,
We do not fear, thus we do not fight.

5 minutes in my garden by Cassie Kinney

A glimpse into the biodiversity of the garden is...
The hummingbirds drink the nectar of the Canna flowers.
As bees move from each Cosmos flower to the Tickseeds.
The butterflies surround the Joe Pye weeds.
Canary birds stalk the sunflowers and eat the seeds with me;
And I see a wasp enjoying the fragrance of a goldenrod.

Canary bird by Cassie Kinney

Bromeliad (Bromeliaceae) flower (floral photography) by Cassie Kinney

Cosmos bipinanatus flowers (floral photography) by Cassie Kinney