Thursday, September 10, 2015

Untitled by JH (edited by Cassie Kinney)

I can't help myself,
I can't help anybody else.
No one wants my help,
And I don't want to help myself.
We know we are a burden to life,
And meaningless to the universe.
If you have compassion in heart,
Rid yourself of it.
You will only be taken advantage of
And ran into the ground.
There will be no compensation
Or appreciation--
Only expectations to do more.
Your deeds will only become mandatory,
And your sorrow will only be taken as hostility.
Learn to be selfish like the rest of them--
They've never cared for you,
And you're only wasting your life.
You are weak--
And they feed on weakness
For anything that makes their life convenient. 
Respect, love, and appreciation would go far,
But that amount of effort would be too much.
The more you care,
The less they do.
Be weak and continue to be used--
I promise!
You will end up dying without real happiness.
C'est la vie~
But if it isn't relevant--
And life is just life, then why try?
Only through the happiness of others do I feel content.
And yet that leaves me with unrest.
For if I should be selfish--
Wanting compensation or indulgence--
I would be filled with guilt. 
Money is all anyone cares for
So if you want to pay me
I should accept.
Maybe if I had money,
Someone would give a shit.

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