Thursday, September 10, 2015

Peace doesn't pay the bills by Cassie Kinney (poem)

Peace doesn't pay the bills.
I am not qualified for hire.
I have no skills in selling evil
I cannot, in the name of money
With the faces of slave owners,
Set aside my convictions.
I will not work in fast food
To fast track poor people to diabetes.
I will not work at a factory
To pollute the lungs of us.
I will not drive a car
At the risk of hurting life. 
I will not eat animals
Because I would not want that same fate.
I will not work in government,
To do "good" on the inside.
I have zero control over the world,
Because ignorant, racist, sexist, bigots--
The Donald Trumps of this world--
Need more money:
More money for protection,
Surveillance, world domination.
They require servants,
And pons to their schemes.
They pay the media
To personify him as a hero.
The people who love men like this,
Will continue to make him powerful.
It is not until we give up...
...On the industrial complex,
Despise fame and fortune,
Condemn authority,
And kill politics
To start planting fruit trees,
Growing a garden,
Living off the land...
But, peace don't pay the bills. 

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