Thursday, September 3, 2015

Family matters (poem) by Cassie Kinney

Drop off brother at bus stop at 7am,
Then take mother and other brother to town.
Mother is dropped off at work at 7:30am,
Then brother is taken to class afterwards.
Take the dog to the vet at 8am.
Come back home after an hour or so,
And later pick up mother at 5pm.
At 7:30pm, go to pick up brother from night class.

Come home, and prepare meals for family.
From 9 in the morning till 4pm,
Apply at 30 different businesses.
Then go pick up brother and mother.
7am, drop off brother at the bus stop.
7:30am, drop off mother at work.
10am, take other brother to doctor's appointment.
Get out of the appointment at noon,
Buy brother lunch to sustain him.
Then drop off brother again at school.
Go pick up mother from work at 4pm..
Go to funeral at 6pm till 7pm.
Come back home to water the garden.
Leave at 7:30pm to pick up brother at 8pm from a night class.
Feed the family once everyone is home.
7am, drop off brother at the bus stop.
7:30am, drop off mother at work,
Then drop off other brother at school.
8am, take the dog to the vet for surgery.
Go back to home for an hour,
Then pick up the same brother,
For another doctor's appointment,
And at noon, drop him back off on campus.
Prepare and eat spaghetti.
At 2:30pm, pick up the dog from vet.
Head back out to town to recycling center.
Come home, then back out again at 4:30pm,
To pick up brother and mother from town.
Back home again.
Feed brothers and mother, and the dog too.
Go to city about an hour and a half away,
To drop off mother with her boyfriend,
And pick up sister from college for labor day weekend.
When Monday rolls around,
Get mother from her boyfriend's house,
Then drop off sister back on campus. 
This is a typical day, week, and month...

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