Thursday, September 17, 2015


Even if you're homeless,
You're not worrying about war,
Getting your head blown off,
Having terrorists run you out of the country.
You're not so much concerned about money,
Because there's always food in a dumpster,
There's always clothes given away.
America's inundated deal a different struggle
Than other world's poor and enslaved.
Here, drugs that sell are the drugs that kill.
20 dollars a day can satisfy almost any fix.
People can't escape the pit that has been dug,
When they get high to forget about their past.
To forget the times and places of distance memories,
 They're blocked by euphoric substances.
Still those things exacerbate the pain till--
After a decade of abuse as a poor kid,
Your life comes to a inevitable downward spiral,
Running away to another state--
Away from your two daughters,
So that you don't have to face jail time.
Your life warps into another cruel fate,
Where you're living under a bridge
Alone, and pressed to dissipate.

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