Monday, September 21, 2015

Commence transcendence! by Cassie Kinney (poem)

I have no skills and have no goals--
I do not fit the traditional roles.
I don't want to be someone's wife--
Pretending this is a perfect life.
I neither need Marriage--
Nor a career I cherish.

I don't want children--
Or to make a million.

I once intended to achieve--
Something the world could not believe.
But, I am otiose in this state--
As there's nothing to anticipate.
And I have become a pariah--
When I live my life without desire.

If I continue like this, however--
My uncertainty will impede forever.

I got shit to do and no time to waver--
I'm ready for life's gifts to savor.
To be a painter, an artist, a writer--
Would make me wiser.
As long as I take the next course--
And find my confidence at its source--
I will gain my independence--
And commence transcendence. 

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