Saturday, August 22, 2015

Where chocolate comes from (poem) By Cassie Kinney

Cocoa pods are harvested, and then the beans dried.
Intermediaries buy the beans where they make their divide.
They are sold to national exporters to wash, pack, and sell,
From the stock exchange, cocoa is sold to companies as well.
Made into powder and into all these sweet treats--
You buy the product so that the cycle repeats.
But what you don't see behind these perfectly wrapped boxes,
Is children from the age of 11 and 14 harvesting your chocolates.
Three-quarters of the cocoa supply comes from West Africa,
To indulge Swiss citizens more than any other country per capita.
When Nestle sells packaged varieties of chocolate foods,
The demand for chocolate increases, and child labor does too.
2 million children are forced to work on cocoa farms,
Harvesting cocoa with machetes that injure their legs and arms.
Here's another example of how rich people control others,
No matter the country, enslavement is across all cultures.

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