Saturday, September 6, 2014

The women neighbors (short story)

Years ago I heard they weren't out-of-the-closet. In fact, when my boyfriend's Uncle, Bob, asked if the two of them were a couple, one of the women said "We're just friends." Of course Uncle Bob then asked the most attractive woman if she wanted to go on a date. The answer was 'no.'

To this day, I suspect the women were being sarcastic when they said they were just two, 50-year-old friends, living together for the last fifteen years. Maybe they were trying to have a laugh for later.
Apparently my Dad went to school with the more attractive lesbian. Which means, she is close to fifty while the other lesbian is nearing sixty.

They seem very open and out to me. Both women are Radiology Professors at a University that's about 15 minutes from us. Every Summer they have a party for their Radiology Graduates, which seems to be only an interest among female students.
Are the students in on their secret? Is it not a secret now? 

They work exactly the same schedules, both leave at 7:38am and come home at 3:35pm every week day, yet they leave and come home in separate vehicles. What a waste of gas and money to fool with another vehicle.
Then again, they probably don't know what to do with their extra cash when you live in a rural area. And, if they ever separated, one would have to have another vehicle. Which one would move out though?

They mow their lawn once or twice a week, even through drought weather! I'm not joking when I say this either, they literally mow so that the grass does not reach an inch tall. My mother always looks over at the women mowing in unison, and whispers "Come over here and mow our yard!" My Papaw has observed the frequency with which the women mow as well, and says "They're just killing their grass. That's why their lawn is brown." It's true, their lawn is brown and looks dead. They have spent a lot of money adding fertilizers but they won't stop mowing.
Compared to our yard, which maintains grass as tall as five inches or more, our yard looks like a Jungle. Their yard looks like a fucking school yard.
With the addition of their American flag and pole, their yard really does look like a school yard.

It seems like they barbeque once every two weeks. They relax out on their porch deck for a higher view of the neighborhood. They sit by their grill, turning the steaks or whatever upper-middle class people eat.
In the night I step out onto my porch, look to the left of me, and the flickering from their tiki-torch is the only light amongst the darkness. It emits the smell of citronella. I hear mumbling and then laughter coming from their deck.

They really love each other. The extent of my knowledge about the two women ends there.

by Cassie Kinney

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