Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Trucker and his wife (short story)

When I was 18 years old, one of our neighbors warned us of a trucker moving in next door, and to be cautious with the kids around him. The Trucker had a record with three accounts of sexual assault to an 11 year old girl.
As the years have went by, he has made attempts to talk to me and my family. I continue to stay distant from him. In fact I wish when he made attempts at civility, I want to scream "Get away from me!"
This Trucker misrepresents his true character. If one of our neighbors hadn't told us about him, I would never have looked him up in the police records. I would never have thought twice about going over to his house and making conversation because that's how we hillbillies are. If I didn't know about him, I would just think of him as a friendly neighbor that gives offerings.

One time, the Trucker offered some of the beans from his garden and also offered to pay us to pick beans for him. Well of course I wasn't going to say 'yes' because I had my own gardening tasks anyway, but my boyfriend capitalized on the opportunity to take advantage of a pervert. Another time, the trucker offered my grandfather wood for free, and of course my grandfather never says 'no' to free stuff.
My third, and most recent, encounter with him, was last year around October or November when I was climbing a Persimmon tree in another neighbor's yard. To clarify, there are four households spread out we consider our neighbors. Anyway, I was picking Persimmons from the women's tree (the lesbian neighbors.) The Trucker saw that I was shaking the tree and struggling to climb up the tree--so naturally he climbed up the tree and shook it the tree aggressively, dropping many fruits. I said "thanks" in a busied tone, and started filling the bag with fruits. He said, "I was hoping these didn't go to waste. I love 'em." My dog was with me, and he looks over to her and says "Well, look at that, the dog even likes 'em. Ha! Ha!"  He watched my dog eat the fruits off the ground, and he sort of it slowly walks back away to his home.

The Wife is more of a mystery to me, even though I see her everyday. I always wondered how she could be with a man that was accused of molesting a child. 
She must be in her late fifties or early sixties, and usually wears one outfit per week. This week has turned into two weeks, of her wearing the same purple Tunic shirt with navy blue elastic shorts. I may have picked up on her habits a little since I don't leave my house much either. 

Her husband, being a truck driver, stays gone all week and comes home on the weekends. Sometimes he is gone for weeks at a time. One time it seemed he was gone for a month. So, the Wife stays alone with their seven dogs for days and weeks.
She leaves her house as much as I do--so I notice things about my neighbors I wish not to know. She rarely drives anywhere--I think her husband told us once that she couldn't see very well--so that would explain why she doesn't drive her car anywhere. 
She goes outside twice a day with her dogs, once early in the morning and once late at night. She sits in her porch swing, smoking and watching the dogs. Although she has many, I only know the names of three because she yells at specific dogs. I'll hear her say "Oh shut up, Harry!" to the biggest and tallest dog, who is black with white feet--I like to say that he's wearing socks.
To a shorter and smaller white dog, she'll say "Get your ass over here, Apollo!" A similar looking dog she calls Cookie, she'll say "Cookie, get in the house." I think I have heard her call one of the dogs "Sis" but I'm not sure. Her Wiener dogs stay inside, I am assuming they use "puppy pads". When they do come outside, they're little ass holes that try to instigate my dog. There is one dog that lives permanently outside, chained up, and you never hear from him much. I believe he is a hunting dog.

I've noticed in the last couple of months, she has someone see her for several of times each day, sometimes spending hours with her. What's strange is that there is a different person that one person will stop by everyday for weeks and then I never see those people stop by again, but a different person will stop everyday for weeks. It's almost as if they're taking shifts by monthly. I would not be surprised if the husband, the trucker, paid people to go check in on his wife every day. The person that has been stopping by these days, drives a black truck and lives up the road from us.

Before them, a person driving a white station wagon would stop by with two teenage girls. Before those people, someone driving a red car, would stop by to see the woman. Once a year during the Summer, the Wife has family come in with a Camper for a weekend or longer. There are many children that stay as well.
I'm not sure of the circumstances, but if the Trucker is a Lifetime Registered Sex Offender and the case was true, then why are these children around him? Do any of these people know he tried to molest an 11 year old? Does the Wife's family know who he is? I'm not sure the Trucker knows I know about his record but I have monitored him, his wife, and their home for the last six years.

Then again, I cannot say whether the accounts were false, only the Trucker and the girl know the Truth. The little I know about the couple, the more questions I have about their relationship. How could a level-headed woman be with a man that was accused of something like that? She must have already been in love with him. But what was the circumstance? What was the pretext of the situation? Does she even know her husband did this or was accused?

These are the only things I know about the woman and man I have lived next to for six years.

by Cassie Kinney

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