Saturday, September 6, 2014

"The Encumbrance of Nature" by Cassie Kinney (Poem)

The Encumbrance of Nature
Much of what we say stays to avoid extending pain—
Much of what we do remains an avoidance of shame.

To rid the Vampire, would be to free the parasite—
Life feeding off life, feeding on control and might.                 

Seduced by power, instinct cannot be judged by morality—
Animals neither deserving nor unworthy.

Not so different, not so similar—
Considered to have Free Will, just a prisoner.

Habitual, offensive creatures of war—
Never discerning or empathetic implore.

Manipulating other peoples through schemes—
Over thickets, glass doors and icy streams.

Beings with the same needs—
Choose to live different creeds.

Each repressing faults—
Ego complacently assaults.

Instinctively holding onto secrets—
Boxing them and hiding the pieces.

Unanswered questions—
Entangling misconceptions.

by Cassie Kinney

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